Each camping plot is 10’x 30’ in size. Light-weight passenger vehicles, pickup trucks and SUV’s will be permitted in the parking area for the campgrounds.  Camping Passes are required for all guests staying in the camping areas and are available on Gratifonia's Eventbrite page.

GA Campgrounds will include the following amenities:

  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Daily Trash & Recycling collection


  • Camping is an all ages zone but minors must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Each camping attendee must have their OWN festival pass for entrance.

  • Please note: Camping spot hang-tags are non transferable.  Hang-tags will be provided onsite after scanning your Eventbrite order at the camping check-in point.  Hang-tags must be visible at all times in your vehicle.

  • All onsite camping opens Friday at 2:00pm and closes on Monday at noon. Early arrival is highly recommended.  All vehicles should be checked into their camping spots by 11:00am on Saturday.

  • There will be on-site security and first aid stations open at all times. Do not leave valuables in your tent/car.

  • Please be advised that once you park your vehicle in the camping zone you will not be allowed to leave, there is no re-entry for vehicles.  

  • Campgrounds are closed for check-ins 12am and 8am.

  • The Venue and the Promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended you don’t bring valuable items to the festival.

  • ALCOHOL LIMITS: Please limit alcohol being brought into the Camping Zones to 1 case per person OR one 750ml bottle per person. We reserve the right to confiscate anything exceeding this amounts. Confiscated items will not be returned, 

  • NO Wrapped / Sponsored Vehicles. Your Car/Truck/Van/Vehicle will be turned away at the Check-in Location if it has Ads/Marketing/Sponsors/Company Logos on it.

  • No branded/logo’d easy ups or tents allowed.

  • All tents must be appropriately anchored to the ground with weights or stakes.

  • Surrendered items are considered forfeited upon entry. There is NO return of ANY items.

  • You may bring your own food and beverages into onsite camping. Refer to FAQ’s as to what is allowed.

  • All camping attendees and vehicles are subject to search upon entry.  

  • Animals will not be allowed in the campground with the exception of service animals.

  • NO glass containers, weapons, drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed

  • NO open fires or flames

  • NO Tiki Torches / Torches / Fireworks / any types of explosives, weapons or ammunition

  • NO Drones/Remote/Radio Controlled Aircraft, Toys & Cars

  • Campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers. Noise curfew at 1:30am

  • Check the  frequently asked questions/answers about onsite camping.